2017 Dry-Fire Championship – Rumble in the Rec Room!

Fargo, North Dakota – Preparations are being made for the 2017 Dry-Fire Championships or “Rumble in the Rec Room” as the organizers are billing it. The match is scheduled for December 9th through the 17th and will be held at the Radisson (So you know it’s pretty good) Cityscape Ballroom in downtown Fargo, North Dakota.

Dry-Fire to Win

For those not “in the know” dry-fire is the process of practicing with your firearm without actually firing any ammunition. Competitive shooters all over the world espouse the benefits of dry-fire and credit it for their success while shooting matches. Other, less well know benefits of excessive amounts of dry-fire include chronic elbow pain, shoulder pain, and hand pain. Organizers assure us that physical therapists will be on hand to treat the competitors that do not travel with their own therapist.

Realistic Scenarios

International Flavor

Competitors will be arriving from as far away as Europe, Japan, and Canada to participate in this inaugural event, all vying to be the first dry-fire champion of the world. Argentina will not be sending a competitor as they feel that dry-fire is “estupido“. Americans Sten Boeger and Anders Stevenson are considered by many to be the favorites. The two have written books evangelizing the benefits of dry-fire, each seeming to try to out-do the other by dropping par times with every new release of their training pamphlets. Fans will be able to meet and greet the competitors in the lobby of the Raddison, get their tiny dry-fire targets autographed and their pictures made with them.


Well known match director and shooting celebrity who now goes by one name (and is reportedly considering changing that to just a symbol) Kennelson had this to say about the choice of Fargo for the event. “I think it’s dumb, you’re going to be dealing with the weather in Fargo in December. Why not have it in Southern Utah where the weather is always nice?” Some competitors applauded the choice however – saying that it “made sense” to have the championship at the very end of the year (unlike Optics Nationals) in a location that otherwise wouldn’t be suitable for such a large and prestigious event.

Sponsors Wanted

Match directors and organizers are looking for sponsors at this time – shot timers with the ability to set a “par time” are going to be in high demand as well as tiny scaled dry-fire targets. The Feed Ramp will be onsite with live reporting from the event and will be sponsoring stage 1 (Unfinished Basement Invasion). Dry-firers are encouraged to submit stage designs for the event as well. Organizers ask that they be designed in Sketchup 2017 format and that par times are noted as well.

So join us for a week in scenic Fargo, North Dakota for the inaugural Dry-Fire Championships. Might have time to catch a Gophers game as well.

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  • April 26, 2017 at 11:59 am

    It’s spelled “Radisson” with one d and two s’s.

  • April 26, 2017 at 4:39 pm

    Is there a match hotel yet?

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