After Stage Win, Local Shooter Becomes Shooting Instructor

Deer Creek, NV – Frank “Long Gun” Dozier competes in USPSA at his local club, the Shooter’s Range Outpost.  For the last three years, Dozier practiced and improved and finally earned a HOA stage win at a local match.  Now, he’s starting a business as a shooting instructor to help others achieve similar successes.

“If you put in the work, read the right blogs, and buy the right accessories, then you can become as successful a shooting instructor as I am” says Dozier.   He says his current rating in USPSA is a Carry Optics “C” class.  During the week, he works as a Senior Account Executive for Money First Lending, LLC, which incidentally also has a “C” rating from the Better business Bureau.

“Literally anyone can write a shooting blog or podcast, but the real secret is knowing which ones to follow.  My class will include an extensive internet section on setting up your reading, watching, and listening practice sessions.”  Dozier continued, “I even have an outline in my mind for what to teach.  One is a segment about how to efficiently navigate Brownell’s website to buy better gear.”

When asked how he felt about a stage HOA win at a match that included no B, A, M, or GM shooters, Dozier responded saying “I beat the GMs twice: once when they decided not the show up, and once when I shot the stage.”  He later opined that this slogan would make a great t-shirt design.

Dozier expects to charge $250 for the class, which will be conducted entirely online to “provide the best training experience while keeps costs down.”  He expects registration to open in October next year.



Nom de Plume

Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.