Antifa Purchases Gun to Fight Fascism, Kills Self For Being Fascist

Portland, OR (stay fucked, Portland) – An Antifa insider has anonymously reached out to TFR for help.

One of their members recommended the group, known for calling people that disagree with them Nazis while acting exactly like real life Nazis, decided to take on the PROUD BOYS and Alt Knights by arming themselves with Ruger LCPs and HiPoints.

This member, on obtaining his..(or zer..honestly we have no idea what it is) pistol immediately identified himself as a fascist gun owning racist Nazi and took his own life.

It took 8 rounds to put himself down too do limp wrist failures and somehow not aiming correctly at point blank range.

“When we went to pickup the gun I could see it in zer eyes….the wiring short circuiting..smoke coming out of his ears.  Picking up a gun crossed his streams like in the Ghost Busters (the bad one with WHITE MALES).  I knew something was off when Jordy..fuck I wasn’t supposed to say zer name..when they didn’t want to peg at the meetup and just went home to sort dildos by color code…I should have stayed with zer.”

Before TFR could ask any follow questions the source hung up quoting “Drumpf” and mumbling about Russia.

We expect many more Antifa gun violence stories in the coming summer.





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