Area 3 Posts Strong DQ Growth

Grand Island, NE – The annual USPSA Area 3 Championship posted strong DQ growth year over year.  This year’s match disqualified 27 competitors from the field of 391 participants.  Last year’s match had 21 DQs.  Sherlock “The ‘Stache” Bluefield, the match director, said of the achievement “we’re very proud of this year’s almost 30% growth rate.  Our projections for next year easily top 35 DQs, and we’re researching how to maximize female and junior DQs.”

How They Did It

This year’s match featured a huge variety of non-shooting challenges.  Most of the challenges allowed the shooters to invent new and exciting ways for them to violate the safety rules.  One stage, previously reported at The Feed Ramp as the “Dildo Carwash” stage, involved shooters pushing large novelty penises around inside the confines of a “love tunnel” as some called it.  Several shooters took the opportunity to place their hands or arms in front of their muzzle, apparently unaware of how to act safely while surrounded by dicks in a large vagina.

Another stage titled “Fishing for DQs” invited female and junior shooters to pull an activation rope.  The rope provided a randomly generated amount of resistance in the pull, allowing some shooters to lose their balance and fall.  Julia Golum, a Factory Pro shooter from the harsh desert planet Tatooine, posted a video showing her battle with the rope.  She survived, but just barely.  The Range Officers held true to the cause, and they quickly rejected any protest regarding so-called “competitive equity”.  Paraphrasing one official, “the random activation weight was equally unpredictable for all shooters.”

Yet another stage seemed to target left-handed shooters.  As is well known, lefties are wrong and should be hated.  A stage with sliding walls required wrong-handed shooters to reach across their body with a rope, while shooting across themselves with their dominant hand.  These two tasks overwhelmed the already-deficient lefties, causing many of them to sweep their hands.

And yet another stage required shooters to enter into the middle section of large tractor/truck tires laying on their side.  This stage seemed to target the smaller shooters, such as the junior shooters, as well as the very fat or nearly-disabled shooters.  Entering and exiting the tires proved too difficult for some, thereby removing some of the juvenile and obese from the gameplay.

Plans to Continue Strong DQ Growth

Strong DQ Growth
Strong DQ Growth

The ‘Stache highlighted some of the initiatives for next year’s DQ target.  “I think we can sustain a 20% DQ growth rate for another couple years,” Bluefield, said.  “There are several under-utilized DQ rules these days, including 10.5.12.  Next year, we might have a stage with extra mags starting on the Safety Table.  Or, we might have several Safety Tables embedded within the shooting area, so if a competitor shoots or reloads while crossing through one of those, they will be DQ’d.”  Bluefield hinted at other creative strategies as part of the overall strong DQ growth plan, and The Feed Ramp will update as more details become public.


“I’d like to explore ten-sixing competitors who complain about the stages, too.  We don’t have any test cases exploring how that rule [USPSA Handgun Competition Rules, Feb 2014, Rule 10.6] could be applied.  If we had tried that this year, we might have had as much as 70% growth in DQs!”

Competitor Reaction

Competitors generally expressed satisfaction with the trend.  One Limited-10 shooter remarked “I think adding DQs is a great idea!  We could increase match registration significantly and finish earlier in the day if more competitors DQ’d early on.”  Another competitor, who shoots for Ikea Custom Firearms and Hookah Supplies, seemed even more excited about the initiatives.  “I don’t shoot too good, and I don’t do some other things too good neither, so anything that increases the DQings of better shooters sounds great for me!”

What Do You Think?

What do you think about all of this?  In favor of it?  Opposed?  Confused and not sure where you are?  Tell us in the comments!!

Nom de Plume

Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.

  • David Black

    This is sounding more and more like a MUST DO EVENT.

    Already looking at rooms for 2018!

    • Nom de Plume

      Yay! If you shoot Carry Optics, we could maybe squad together.

  • Scott Thompson

    I lick to shcedule this event for my schedule naxt year

  • Dale Cauthen

    Somebody has a bad case of silly here … or stupid. DQ’s should lead to a range not having matches anymore. 1 is bad, 2 is worse, 3 or 4 and someone should be looking at what’s causing the problem. I’ve had 2 in 25 yrs and never went back to either place.

    • AGG

      Can you expand on your reasoning here?

      • Dale Cauthen

        For a big match, or any distant match, I’ve spent weeks preparing, paid the entry fee, spent money on travel, probably paid for a hotel room and meals away from home, perhaps even spent more money on gear or ammunition both for practice to be ready for the event and for the match itself, then I get a DQ for supposedly breaking the 180, called not by the RO or the scorer who were running with me but by a person who was sitting up in the shade at least 25 yards away, and on the first stage I’m sent home. And the berm extended 20 yards to the left with no possibility of endangering anyone. Why would I ever go back there ? Even John Amidon in reviewing the video said he didn’t see it, but that of course the video was not admissable. And I’ve heard nearly the same story from every shooter I know who travels to a lot of matches. This is absurd. Yet it continues to happen. And then I read about people being DQ’d because a snap cap popped out of their chamber when they loaded for a stage. Really ? The list goes on. But DQ’s should be regarded as a disaster, not a badge of some sort.

        • Jim Tan

          “DQ’d because a snap cap popped out of their chamber when they loaded for a stage.”
          This is for sure a DQ, start with an loaded gun. “brass, snap cap” are all considered ammo.

  • Scott Snoopy

    There seems to be a marked increase this year MultiGun Nats saw several sponsored shooters leave early, Area6 personally saw a couple of truly questionable out of 26 DQs ..

  • velosapiens

    Funny. Somewhat accurate. Honestly only the random rope pull and random triple swinger had real competitive equity issues.

    • AGG

      I 100% agree. Lots of gimmicks, but only those two (and maybe the rope for the first sliding wall) had issues with competitive equality.

    • Nom de Plume

      I 100% agree. Lots of gimmicks, but only those two (and maybe the rope for the first sliding wall) had issues with competitive equality.