Area III%er Cant Find Decent Local Militia


MISSOURI – Tandy Martz, 52, says the government is out of control and local militias will help take back the country.

The problem?  Tandy cant find any worth a good god damn.

“One group wanted me to exercise, fuck that noise, I just want stock up on the right MRE and .22 shells.  Shoot my LCP and kit the fuck out”

Tandy tackles difficult tactical militia issues such as

  • The proper amount of zip ties on his kit
  • What plate carrier to buy
  • The best Shit Hit The Fan (SHTF) supplies

“Exercise and shit dont make sense.  I aint trying to be good at exercise I’m trying to be good at fighting for this country.”

Tandy also doesn’t like taking orders

“There’s also a few dudes that think they general or something, barking orders, wanting to run drills in the woods.  We aint gonna fight the  government in the god damn woods.  This shit will happen on the streets”

“I want to fight some shit or smoke trash and listen to Joe Rogan”

Tandy owns guns and prepper supplies, listens to Alex Jones, and understands what it takes to fight a civil war.

“Civil war is comin’, every city need a militia cause they gonna load us up on FEMA trains and take us to camps.  I’ve seen the train cars and read about Jade Helm.  I’m worried cause I can’t find a good fucking local militia!”