Maintaining the best BAC for professional shooting

Hydration and a stable BAC – Often Overlooked in Shooting Sports

Many competitive shooters today spend large amounts of time and money on ammo, guns, and match fees while overlooking one of the most important factors of success

consuming enough alcohol to maintain a stable BAC.

A highball full of fine rail whiskey (preferably one sold in a plastic bottle) to take the edge off is one of the best kept secrets among seasoned veterans in sports such as deer hunting, pin shooting, and IDPA… but how does balance between not enough and white girl wasted?

We recommend starting each match with roughly 12-16 ounces of the spirit of your choice.  Sticking with clear liquids such as Dr. McGillicuddy’s will be easy to conceal in a water bottle

If you prefer something with more flavor try Hipnotiq as it mirrors the look of most blue sports drinks while Boone’s Farm offers a large selection of flavors to match your beverage of choice.

Be certain to bring sufficient quantities to last the entire match and keep a pack of menthol cigarettes handy in order to maintain minty fresh breath and prevent others from learning your secrets to success.