Brand Ambassador for Hire

Charlotte, NC – Local USPSA C class shooter Camdon McGriff is knocking on the door of B class and starting to look for possible sponsorships to further his already illustrious shooting career.  Placing top three in C class in all three matches he has participated in this year, the budding brand ambassador McGriff said “I think I know the ins and outs of this game as well as anyone.  I should be rewarded for my sacrifice.  My time in this C class meat grinder has taught me valuable lessons.”

Hot on the Facebook Groups

McGriff is putting word out that he is looking for items at discounted rates as a Brand Ambassador.  He acknowledged that he is really looking for equipment and cash donations to advance to B class.

“I really appreciate the offer of the Hundo gauge, but I was really hoping to hold out for a deal where a potential sponsor would pony up some cash with the offer of a case gauge.  I’m getting tired of borrowing my buddy’s gauge at the match before it starts.  It’s hard to case gauge ammo in the safe area with everyone coming up and trying to gear up before the match.’’

[Editor’s Note:  Who the fucks are the ROs at these matches McGriff is attending?]

Hot Stuff on the Range

Said at the range, “I’m ready to step away from my STI DVC for a while.  The DVC has really helped me maintain a steady C average and creep to the front of the class at the local USPSA Indoor matches.  I feel that if I’m to be running in B class I will need a stronger work horse like one of those dual sleeved barrels with the new grip from Limitation Firearms.  Maybe I can talk them into throwing in a sight tracker if they pay me more.”

McGriff is looking to showcase himself in the upcoming Carolina Classic, NC Sectional Level II match.  Additionally, he’s hoping to put on a clinic in multiple divisions and pick up some new donors to his cause.  Catch up with him at the match and drop off any potential offers you might have.

Apply to Be a Sponsor of this Brand Ambassador

McGriff can be reached via email at if you have any questions regarding what you can do for him.

Nom de Plume

Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.