Carry Optics now being billed as “Open for Poor People”

Pedro Walleye, Washington – USPSA’s recent lift of a magazine capacity in Carry Optics division represents a huge step for people who want to use a red dot without having to compete with Max Michel, Chris Tilley, or anyone else who actually practices. While the term “Carry” may have some people confused – make no mistake: this division has nothing to do with concealable firearms.

Dumber than a screen door on a submarine

Todd Harpoon (Grand Master, USPSA – thought to be the nicest guy in shooting) is believed to be the last remaining human to think PCC and CO divisions are dumber than installing a screen door on a submarine. While being covertly surveilled in a Chipotle during his lunch break on Tuesday, he was overheard to say: “It was stupid before, now it’s just more stupider.”  [The Feed Ramp can’t confirm that he was actually talking about shooting at the time, but a reliable source tells us that most GM’s are contractually prohibited from talking about anything else.]

Carry Optics, since its inception, has had mixed reviews among the shooting community. Many limited shooters seem to believe that the need for an optical device on a pistol is a sign of poor lineage and breeding, while the more traditional Single Stack crowd declined comment – grumbling something about mag changes and failure to feed malfunctions under their breath. Shooters in ten-round cap states have grudgingly gone back to their Production and Single Stack guns, and members from coast to coast have tilted their heads at the ruling, muttering phrases like: “Seriously? What was the fucking POINT?”

Red headed step child

While Open division is generally considered to be a money and gear race, Carry Optics has gone the opposite direction – challenging shooters to save the money they would normally spend on a decent firearm, and use it, instead, to install a slide-mounted optic that cost more than the actual gun. Adding the requirement for a totally impractical custom kydex holster has sealed it’s fate as the most confusing addition to USPSA’s division list to date.

This change has paved the way for mediocre Open shooters to finally start gathering the stage wins they’ve worked long and hard for. The 11 currently classified Carry Optics shooters, on the other hand, are scrambling to obtain the high capacity magazines they’ll need to remain competitive. Companies who offer extended base pads and other performance enhancing parts have had to begin screening phone calls until inventory can be brought back to workable levels.

Whether this change will actually increase participant numbers in this withering abortion of a division, remains to be seen.

Special Correspondent Lorna for The Feed Ramp