Center Axis Relock in USPSA

Sedro-Woolley, WA – USPSA secretary, Al Rule, confirmed today that Barry “Big B” Spiclewski was the first Center Axis Relock practitioner to earn the distinction of “Grand Master” in the sport.

Spiclewski, a part-time land management officer from Billings, MT, is a relative newcomer to the USPSA game, but is a long-time advocate of CAR system, starting shortly after seeing the first “John Wick” movie.

John Wick


“The ability to use un-sighted fire from the ‘High Position’ really favors the speed component of hit factor scoring, since hits are largely unimportant in USPSA.” Spiclewski related, adding, “I normally wouldn’t apply a fighting technique to a mere game because of the overwhelming superiority, but just felt it had to be done.”

Next Moves!

When asked about his next move, Spiclewski said he was going to “crush the competition at Nationals” with his Duty gear: a Glock 17 with Ashley-ExpressBig Dot” sights out of a standard Blackhawk! Serpa holster.
Big B takes aim!

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  • Robert “Bob” Dobalina

    Big B taking the world by stome!

  • Robert K. Pfaff

    Just signed up for the newsletter over at Ashley-Express. I expect Big Things from that organization!

    • Richard Holland

      I know!

  • RW Higgins

    The image of labelled “Big B taking Aim” is actually an image of Paul Castle utilizing his CAR system during a deomnstration in CO

    • Robert “Bob” Dobalina

      Big P?

      • RW Higgins

        The very same