DryFire: Reloaded

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – With the recent release of Ben Stoeger’s new book, “DryFire: Reloaded”, I figured I’d snatch up a copy and give it a no-BS review. A bit ot a bias warning: I’ve been a fan of Ben’s writing ever since his review of Julie Golob‘s “Shoot!” on Amazon!
Unfair Advantage?
So, without further ado: I purchased my first copy of “Dry-Fire Training” after all the hype when it first came out in 2014. As a perpetual C-class shooter I wanted something to give me “the edge” in my local IDPA matches.
The description of techniques and best practices had me pushing my efforts for a solid week before I settled back into a routine of nightly six-packs and TV.
This Time It’s Different!
“DryFire Reloaded” is different: It gives you “log sheets” so you can track your practice and personal bests and keep your motivation and self-delusions high!
You’d think that there would be radically different content and updated material, but you’d be surprised: It is still imaginary gunfire at pieces of cardboard taped to your wall!
The book can be yours for $22.00+Shipping from Amazon


Special Correspondent Morgan Ross for The Feed Ramp

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  • March 10, 2017 at 4:58 am

    HA! Love having Tim in the linked picture.

    On a serious note, he is proof that consistent dry fire works

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