Seeded Womb Washington:

It has been a great year for DUPSA president Mick Foley.  Mr. Foley has been recently awarded the prestigious and coveted Al Gore Green Medal for the implementation of an “Evergreen Rule Book”.

“By not printing a rule book and going to a digital version, we have saved approximately 18 trees”, Foley Remarked.  “And I am excited to announce our new Evergreen target procedure”.

Mr. Foley went on to say that for too long, DUPSA has been using cardboard targets and pasters.  This is a waste of trees and bad for an environment.  “Congress has said we have only 12 years left on this planet, DUPSA needs to speak for  the trees”, says Foley.   To this end, Mr. Foley has announced an “Evergreen” project for targets.  Mr. Foley went on to explain.

“DUPSA will leverage their ownership of Steel Challenged to require a greater number of reusable steel targets in each stage.   Paper targets will be kept to a minimum, and we will no longer use cardboard targets, but instead will use targets made out of more renewable Bamboo fiber.   As the adhesives are bad for the planet, we will resort to cutting out the ‘A’ zone to reduce sticker waste”. Shots outside of the A zone will be pasted, but Mr Foley asks for increased member accuracy to reduce waste

When asked about the 475% increase in the cost of targets, Mr. Foley remarked that it was worth it to save the planet, and that it  was merely a club concern as the national body only buys targets for the Nationals. Then pointed out that the nationals will be exempt from the Evergreen target provisions.  

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Contributed by special correspondent (freelance writer) Rigney Radue for The Feed Ramp