Firearms and Women: A Conversation

Unincorporated, AL – Women are participating in firearms activities with increasing frequency, and that invites lots of questions. We sat down with Harble Buchanum, owner of the popular ‘Barrell & Barley’ shooting range and bar, to talk about women who shoot.

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[Editor’s note: substantial portions of the dialog have been edited for clarity and content.]

NdP: Mr Buchanum, tell us about your experience with women shooting

HB: First of all, I love women. Always have. Don’t pay no mind to what else you hear, you hear? Alright, so, matching the right guns to the right women, that’s the key, and it’s something we do really well here.

NdP: How do you do that?

HB: By size, generally. The smaller the woman, the smaller the handgun she needs. So a really tiny lil’ lady is going to be best served by something like a S&W 340PD in 357mag with a hard plastic boot grip. The round shape of the revolver matches the natural curves of the woman, and the 357mag is certified to neutralize any nefariousness. Fuller-bodied ladies might consider something a little bigger, like a Ruger LCR in 357mag.

NdP: That makes sense, in a way. What about holsters?

HB: The word “holster” can scare a lot of women. There really are only two ways that women can carry a gun: in their purse or tucked into their brahzeer. Actually, they can also carry inside a hollowed out cookbook, when they need deep concealment.

NdP: Do women ever find your advice offensive?

HB: We ain’t accustomed to getting progressive women folk in here, so the ones we do tend to have conservative values and listen when a man tells them what to buy.

NdP: Do you get much repeat business from women?

HB: We never do, no. That’s how satisfied they are with their purchase.

For more information about the Barrel & Barley, please contact the state’s Attorney General. The Barrel & Barley will close at the end of the week due to a number of fraud charges in conjunction with a filed bankruptcy related to the owner’s divorce.

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Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.