Florida Man Robbed After Forgetting CCW

Hollywood, FL – Florida Man, 23, always carries his Ruger LCP.  Rain, Sleet, Snow, Bloated from eating too much.  Florida Man always has his “blaster”.

“You can’t leave home without your carry platform, just like American Depress, It’s the 5th of the 4 gun safety rules”.  All the gun forums and groups talk about it.

Carrying is especially important for Florida Man.  “I’m in the news every day.  I do questionable shit.  I once ate some people’s faces off while high on bath salts.  I need this LCP resting against my skin every day”

This February, however, Florida man left his LCP on his night stand.  Next to his Fenix flashlight, viagra, and pot needles.

Florida Man Robbed

florida man robbed by a knife

Around 10:04 PM February 17th, 2017 Florida Man was Robbed at knife point outside his favorite check cashing place.

Unfurtunately, Florida Man had left his gun at home.  “It would have been awesome!  This dude brought a knife to a gun fight!  I told that dude he was playing stupid games and would win a stupid prize!  I reached for my blaster but it wasn’t there!”

“I was sooooo stoked until I realize I forgot my gun!  I was gonna Indian Jones that blade wielding motherfucker!  The ONE day I forgot my gun!”

He had forgot to bring his gun to the knife fight.

“Man, I had to give up my bitchin’ minimalist wallet, EBT card, and John Wick 2 ticket.  I felt just like Warren G when those guys took his Rolex..man..they took his WEALTH.”

The lesson?  Forget your carry gun and risk being a victim.

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2 thoughts on “Florida Man Robbed After Forgetting CCW

  • February 25, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    Florida man gon learn today.

    • February 25, 2017 at 3:18 pm

      About time he got his wig split!

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