Gals & Their Guns Group Has To Use New Targets!

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri – Sally Wilson sits back at the end of another successful event and smiles…. Her “girls” are getting it and are starting to hit their targets.

“Last year we changed targets twice – once in January for the new year, and once again in June since some had gotten lost.”

Big Changes

Not so this year – barely two months into the shooting season and she has had to give several of her shooters new targets to shoot at.

Rebecah Miller, mother of three, has been coming to these events for the past several years, bringing her trusty Ruger LCP along with her. She was one of the ones that used the same target all last year, but this year something is different – this year she’s putting holes in the target!

Eyes Open

“I feel more relaxed, I’m keeping my eyes open more, everything just seems to be working for me”  is how Rebecah described her new found markswomanship.

More Work To Do

There are still several women struggling, but that doesn’t deter them – they all head out for a big starchy meal and a few beers before heading home to the families that they love, the families that they might be able to protect if the need arises.