Growing rift between shooting organizations threatens Whirled Chute

Ontario, CanadaIPSICK officials announced today that American participation in the prestigious Whirled Chute event is threatened by the actions of a rogue band of Filipinos.

IPSICK spokesman Vance Mustang has long had an issue with American shooters using their own targets and following their own rulebook and this latest affront seems to be the last straw. Vance has said in the past that “Headbox? No! Litter box? YES!”

Taking time from his busy schedule of posting cat related memes and videos to give us this interview he had the following to say – “I don’t like Americans.”

American leader Mick Foley has tried to be diplomatic throughout the rift, but when push came to shove he did what any other American would do and dug his heels in saying “Ain’t no foreigner gonna tell AMERICANS how to run they shootin sports!”

Several outside parties have tried to help as well, going so far as to create a FACEBOOK GROUP for displaced Whirled Chute competitors.

As for the original conflict with the Filipinos that caused all of this heartburn? No one really knows what happened or why – that’s not the point here and it doesn’t seem to matter.