Happy Birthday McCattus!

The Feed Ramp staff wishes the very happiest of birthdays to DNROI Troy “Kitty” McCattus!

McCattus continues his service to the shooting sports by frequently training new range officers and as range master of major events, in addition to his regular duties as DNROI.  His gentile personality and luscious Cajun accent bring hope and joy to all the children in USPSA– he is the Santa Clause of USPSA, with a motorized sleigh.

Frequently seen mounted on an ATV riding around the rough terrain of rural shooting parks, McCattus takes pride in spreading the gospel of what the rules really mean.  Whether you need an external modification on a Production gun or want a specific gun in Carry Optics, McCattus stands ready to accept your envelope.

Birthday Present
Birthday Present

“Rih deyr!”

Previously employed in the oil industry, McCattus served as a land man and exploration surveyor.  His first-hand knowledge of where the dinosaurs died proved invaluable, allowing him to literally point to where the oil fields are located.

“Rih Der” This saying is etched over the corporate entrances, a tribute to his legacy there of walking around and pointing at where to drill.  One co-worked said “he used to tell us stories about how the dinosaurs would play in ponds or eat each other.  His stories really made us feel like we were there back then, too.”

Editor’s Note: Thank you to the birthday boy himself for the featured photos!

Nom de Plume

Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.

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