Heated Reloading Controversy at Local Gun Club

Indiana, Pennsylvania – Things got heated on Tuesday night at the Indiana County Bow and Gun club when one of the younger members suggested that he was going to start reloading and that he might do it with a “progressive” press.

Several of the old timers shouted him down every time he mentioned Dillon, Hornady, or rounds per hour, assuring him that he would potentially blow up one of his firearms at best – perhaps lose an eye, a hand, or perhaps an entire arm at worst. Overheard was member Lester Brown saying “I have been loading for fifty years – I’ve loaded dozens of rounds in that time. It’s not about how fast you go, it’s about the quality.” Stanley Krupchik told the youngster in no uncertain terms “You get yourself a single stage Rockchucker – you load on that for a couple years and then come back and talk to us.”

The young member – Sam Nelson – says that he “wants to load a lot” and that he “doesn’t have a lot of time to fuck around”. The older members were not swayed.