IDPA Announces New Guidelines for Rulebook Changes

Burryville, AR – The IDPA Tiger Team assigned to rulebook changes has announced new formalized standards.  “We’ve heard lots of support from the membership about changing the rules.  We’ve tried to make a lot of changes, to satisfy that need, but we didn’t really have a good process for those before now.”


New Guidelines

The decisions follow 18 months of deliberations.  The Tiger Team recommended three substantive policies for rules revisions.

  1. Rulebook updates should occur no more frequently than quarterly.
  2. Rulebook updates should be subjected to an open comment period for 24 hours, starting 3 days prior to their effective date.
  3. All members should be notified of the new rules update via email or tweeter.

“As part of this new policy, we’re also co-launching a new rule regarding the new cover lines.  We now require maximum 1/4″ thickness to reduce the trip hazard” said the Tiger Team rep.  The rep declined to be identified, citing retaliation concerns.  HQ has punished previous dissidents on Tiger Teams.

More Rules Changes, Somehow

“What’s really exciting is that we’re also going to change the penalty value for PEs next week, and then we’re going to adjust the size of the Down Zero body zone in another two weeks.  People are going to love that!”

When asked about how the new rules will work with the new rulebook change policy, the Tiger Team member just kinda stared into the distance, and a drop of blood fell from one of his ears.  When he regained consciousness, he stated “this is how we’re going to continue the Founder’s vision.”

Nom de Plume

Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.