IDPA Brand Under Threat

Berryville, AR – Strategic leadership at the IDPA Headquarters are panicking around the recent threats.  “The USPSA has launched an unprecedented attack on our drama market” explained an exasperated IDPA Task Force member.  “This caught us totally off guard.  This segment traditionally has been ours alone, and frankly, we weren’t prepared to share it.”  She referred to the recent “circus display” at USPSA’s Area 3 Championship.  Adding further, “and this Sig P320 thing.  How the hell did Sig get this much attention over a non-issue?  It’s fucking brilliant marketing!!  EVERYONE is talking about Sig and there isn’t even a real problem to talk about! THEY’RE KILLING US!!!”

IDPA’s Legacy

The IDPA, long regarded as the Soap Opera of Shooting Sports, has its roots in controversy.  Originally a part of the prestigious USPSA brand, the IDPA flounders decided that shooting targets while running around an obstacle course wasn’t exciting enough.  They splintered off from the USPSA and invented an ostensibly tactical organization.  In reality, the flounders had different ideas for their organization.  “There’s absolutely nothing tactical about fishing vests” said one of the aging flounders, who wanted to remain anonymous so he’d continue to receive royalty cheques.  “The real point of it was to have a constantly subjective rulebook with frequent changes, which in turn would generate drama.  Drama is the real money maker in shooting sports.  Shooters are just hormonal teenagers crushing on Justin Beiber, except with guns.”  Research shows that IDPA profits are directly correlated to the volume of drama in the organization.

IDPA Brand Under Threat

Sig’s recent controversy surrounds a risk with dropping a P320  model handgun in a very specific manner.  When dropped at a -30 vertical rotation, straight onto the rear of the slide from more than 3′ height onto a solid surface, it’s possible that the P320 might discharge.  This is only true with the original factory trigger, or other triggers of heavier mass.  Lighter triggers, with less mass, seem to solve the supposed deficiency, and Sig has promised an upgrade to their customers, with details announcing next week. Internet “scientists” have proven all theories, on all sides, with exhaustive drop tests of their own.

However, this problem has exploded (pun intended, duh) on internet gun groups and forums.  Meme generation grew 350% week over week, and humor posts with #JustDropIt are trending above #DumpTrump on Twitter right now.  “We don’t even have a contingency for this level of social excitement” said the IDPA marketing member.  “It’s like the God’s of Social Media just dropped all their manna on Sig and USPSA.  And they stopped dropping it on us.”

Indeed, IDPA even tried to generate some controversy on the back of Sig’s campaign, but that effort seems to have failed.  No one is dumb enough to actually believe there’s a real problem that needs a rule change to address.  So it remains: the IDPA brand under threat.

New Strategy

The IDPA has a history of clever and interesting marketing ploys to sustain themselves.  Sho’nuff, rumors already are circulating about a new division designed specifically for some new Wilton Combatics products, since they are the official step-sister company of the IDPA.  Wilton Combatics has been experimenting with a shotgun-caliber pistol for some time, now.  With the recent pressure from Sig and USPSA, it might just be enough for them to release their product immediately.  However, it’s also possible that they will follow existing SOP and simply change some rules arbitrarily.

Nom de Plume

Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.