IDPA SO Gets Shot, Scores Stage, is Reprimanded by HQ

Springfield City, USA – Local Safety Officer Johan “T-1000 Unit” Pekhus was sternly reprimanded by HQ after being wounded during a defensive combat simulation. The incident happened at the Annual Defensive Training Evolution shooting event, an untimed bullseye-like event with fishing vests.

The Accident

During a training scenario, Pekhus was assigned the role of assigning penalties to the event participant. While performing his duties, a significant piece of a hallowed .45ACP fired from the required period-original 1911 ricocheted back from a steel target. The ricochet partially penetrated his chest.

Spectators rushed to help, because, when not acting as an SO, Pekhus performs as a professional suntanner. His chest is beautifully bronzed and beckoned for people to see it. Although the ricochet penetrated his chest, volunteer medics on site confirmed that his tanned skin likely saved his life.

He is expected to make a full recovery, however the impact on his professional suntanning career remains unknown.

Reprimanded by HQ

After medical staff cleared the Safety Officer, he and his assistant SO immediately continued to review the targets and continue running additional shooters.  Witnesses report hearing one SO demand “ok, let’s get these targets scored” before even eating a complimentary cookie.  Since safety and comfort are paramount in this activity, HQ reprimanded the SO. An excerpt from the reprimand read “for failing to consider how weak this makes other Safety Officers, Johan Pekhus is hereby stripped of his official Safety Officer Shirt for no fewer than three training events.” Pekhus offered no comment about the reprimand, but he appeared to already be complying with the order.

Speculations and Concerns

Internet forensic teams spent the last few days researching the causes of this accident. There are two leading theories: the .45ACP is too powerful a round for use on steel, or the steel target design is flawed.

The leading discussion within the defensive training community is that the 45 ACP is far, far too powerful for use on mere targets. Knockdown power exceeds 2kt, according to some old crappy shooter. When used on steel targets, the danger is obvious.

The other theory is that the steel popper design was flawed. The manufacturing schematic attached below shows what researchers claim is a fatal defect. The spring mechanism causes the bullet to get “caught” by the steel, compressing the spring, and then being “thrown” back at the competitors when the spring expands again.

Unsafe Popper Design
Manufacturing Schematic of Controversial Popper Design

Rules Changes from HQ

As a result of this incident (and after just about anything else, ever) the HQ has released an updated rulebook. Two new rules were named, but they allow the local match staff to choose when or how to apply them.

  • New Rule 1: Anyone shooting a 45ACP is allowed to just point at a target and yell “PEW” rather than actually fire a shot.
  • New Rule 2: All steel poppers will be required to be made exclusively by Wilton Custom Steel.

Public Reaction

What do you think needs to be done?  Should handguns be banned from firearms competitions?  Should steel poppers be made out of plastic?  Should everyone just harden themselves up?  Let us know in the comments!

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