IDPA – John Wick division announced!

Berryville,  AR-The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) has announced its latest rulebook change, along with a new division.  This rulebook- the seventh version this month, has replaced the venerable Stock Service Revolver Division with the new John Wick Division. (JWD)

According to a Tiger Team member who asked to remain anonymous, “This exciting new division will  be the home for people who take otherwise accurate and reliable striker fired guns and subject them to extensive metal work and modifications, adding color coordinated extended base pads to round out the look.”  She then went on to comment that the JWD division will still be limited to 10 rounds, to make sure the playing field is still, “Nice and level”.

“We are working with corporate partners to offer a line of all-black concealment garments and tactical clothing” she went on to say, “as we feel the JWD will be the hot division for this next generation of posers on the range”.

IDPA dropped the ball on creating a NEO Division in 1999,” she said, referring to the ground breaking Matrix Trilogy, “so we wanted to make sure we don’t make the same mistake with Keanu Reeve’s latest trendsetting movie”.

Keep an eye out for the new John Wick Division at your local IDPA club this Spring.

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