IDPA To Level the Playing Field by Adding Trip Hazards


If you’ve ever participated in an IDPA training evolution, you know one of the biggest complaints is the inconsistent cover calls.

The IDPA and the two Marksmen women that run the organization are well know for being very responsive to the membership.

Therefore, in January of 2017, the organization released a new rule book that addressed many of the concerns the membership had brought forth in the prior years since the last abortion of a rule book was released.

Perhaps the most significant change was the addition of fault lines.  This addition brought the IDPA closely inline with it’s straight non-retarded sister organization, the USPSA.

The addition of fault lines not only leveled the playing field by eliminating the questionable cover calls, but it also added a trip hazard for those shooters that have never moved without their pistol locked securely in a Pelican case.

Many members are concerned they will be unable to
navigate the three yards of movement and remain upright with these dangerous sticks being placed on the range surface.

There is already enough to worry about when navigating an evolution; moving with a gun that’s out of the holster, keeping your booger hook off the bang slit, not pointing the muzzle at your soft palette, and trying not to suck any dicks while walking to the blue barrels.

With all of these things racing through a trainees head, how can they be expected to navigate over and around these
2″x2″ death traps?

The Founders would not be pleased.

What are your thoughts on fault lines? Let me know below