Internet Hero Writes ATF Letter – Gets Most of His Crap Declared a Machine Gun

Billings, MO – Trent Puddington had seen a new trigger system that interested him.  The trigger claimed to make his Delton AR-15 shoot close to a fully automatic.

“As far as I can tell the trigger is legal. Why risk things,  so I wrote the ATF to finally put this issue to bed..just need a little…..clarification

Weeks later the ATF wrote Puddington back, not only declaring the new trigger a machine gun, but also Trent’s keychain, 30% of his junk drawer, and half of his wife’s hummel collection were also declared a machine gun.

“I guess I really screwed up” Trent told us.  “I thought the ATF was there to help us understand the law”

Shortly after speaking with Trent we learned that federal agents stormed his ranch style 3 bedroom, shot his dogs, and took Trent in for questioning.

It’s unclear if Trent will be charged, released, or killed.