ISIS claims responsibility for IDPA rulebook

ISIS has declared responsibility for the past few years of IDPA rule changes leaving hundreds of IDPA shooters confused, DQ’d, and upset with the rules and the sport.

ISIS claimed that “Islamic State fighters infiltrated  the Tiger Team” leading the charge on strange, counter-intuitive, and almost just “retahded” changes to the IDPA rule with things such as no reloading while moving and how many points per second you can shoot.

The point?  According to ISIS, the greatest threat to installing a caliphate in the USA is “sheep dogs” and highly trained American marksmen.

“If we can slow them down and make them very stupid.  Make them very bad at gunfighting, we can carry out more successful attacks there.” the statement declared.

“European nations are installing governments equally as stupid, combined with strict self defense law..we couldn’t have done it any better ourselves!  America, however, is still an issue” the statement continued on to mention a possible link to popular gun oil manufacturers and their sponsorship of shooters.

IDPA HQ denies ISIS claims, further muddying our understanding of IDPA’s ruleset and it’s transformation into something more strange than two men engaging in sexual acts on purpose.