Ladies 3-Gun Announces New Sponsor and New Slogan – “ALL the GUNS, NONE of the EXCITEMENT!”

Heineken, CaliforniaLucky Oil Products’ Exterior Line is proud to announce their sponsorship of the 2017 LADIES 3-GUN CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES!

Lucky Oil Products’ Expansion

Expanding on the success of the Lucky Oil Exterior Line, they have decided to go ALL IN and sponsor one of the least recognized and meaningless shooting competitions around. 2017’s slogan will be “Ladies 3-Gun: ALL the GUNS, NONE of the EXCITEMENT!

Lucky Oil director of marketing Larry Mark Johnson had this to say. “Ladies 3-Gun is a perfect fit for Lucky Oil – the ladies all tend to have plenty of advertising space on their blouses. The other consideration for us is that they don’t move too fast, so the advertising on their blouses is easy to read.”

Competitors React

Ladies 3-Gun competitor Vicky Secrets is sponsored by Talon Tactical, but she sees the wisdom in this relationship. “A good lubricant is important” Vicky says.  “My Talon Tactical tuned pistols run great, but a big pistol with some Lucky Oil Exterior products on it? YES PLEASE!

Not everyone is happy about the new relationship, however. Competing lubricant manufacturers feel left out, their sponsored shooters no longer welcome at the events. Citing reasons like “they move too fast” or “they are too skinny” the Lucky Oil people have driven others away from competitions. One such unlucky shooter is none other than former Navy Seal and spokes-model for Castor Oil products Janey Aim.  Janey says that “I may be skinny, and I may move fast (wink, wink), but I am a serious competitor! Have you seen my video in the skeleton print tights? I can rock a stage and rock your world – Castor Oil products allows me to do that.”

Season Schedule


The series starts the season in Florida, then moves north to Kentucky, then into West Virginia. Finally, it wraps up west in Utah and California.  Competitors must shoot all four events to be eligible for the season prize table at the banquet in Las Vegas. After range officers, staff, and other assorted match officials get first picks, competitors will be allowed to choose from whatever scrap is left. Prizes include valuable certificates for $100 off a $5,000 custom gun build, a bag of a dozen pieces of brass, and some 1911 magazines in .45 ACP. Everyone will leave the event with a fresh supply of Lucky Oil Products’ Exterior Line samples– the choice of champions.