(Ladies) Champion*


For some becoming a champion takes years of hard work and dedication…

Ladies Champion

For local shooter Julie Anderson it happened at her first match!
She realized her dream recently when she took high lady honors at the 2016 Mid-State Area IDPA match.  
After only a few months in competition she is now a state champion.
“It’s a dream come true, I didn’t think this would happen so fast”.

Practice, Practice…

All the hours she spent watching her boyfriend Stanley practice (who finished 5th Expert in a particularly stacked field) seem to have paid off.

The fact that she was the only female participant isn’t going to dissuade her from trying again.

Julie has a championship now and is keen to defend her title

A next to last finish was all she needed to secure the title and glory.

Team Effort

Julie says that her squad-mates “Were real helpful, following me around, showing me how to do things, and generally letting me concentrate on the match by resetting the stages and pasting for me so I wouldn’t have to”.

Opportunities Await

“I’m excited” she says. “I’ve had several sponsorship offers, Talon Tactical, Femdom Gunworks, and Tula Ammo have all contacted me – looks like I have some decisions to make!”

Asked if he was proud of his girlfriend’s accomplishments Stanley said “I guess so, I mean, I just brought her along to shut her up – now she’s flying to Vegas to meet the folks from Talon Tactical… I would have gotten a match bump if there were 3 more Experts shooting the match….”

Are you a Champion (Ladies Champion)?