Legendary Gun Builder tells customers to Fuck off on the facebooks

Smallcock, Arizona –

Formerly well known gun builder and finisher ( Mp3) from the 70’s , Fled Bitch of Romar guns went on a wild Facebooks rant Tuesday morning wanting to “NFE” all USPSA and 3 gun shooters ( NFE is apparently old ass washed up gun builder slang for Not Fucking Ever) because they are “Almost all are prima-donas and will bitch about something once they get it…”
It seems customers that would like an accurate delivery date and a functional gun get under Bitch’s skin.
He was overheard saying… “I do what I want when I want. You don’t like the delivery date, then you can fuck right off”.
He then continued on for several paragraphs lambasting competition shooters and their faggity bowling shirts and wanting discounts to help him advertise.

In an additional post, Bitch stated he has “NFE’d all USPSA Shooters, lawyers, and people from NJ”

It’s unclear to TFR is Romar actually has any customers but call us skeptical.

Fellow FB group member Richie Macnamara added; all USPSA shooters are “tactards”. This comment cements for everyone that Richie hasn’t the slightest clue what he is fucking talking about.

TFR has to credit Bitch. His marketing strategy is certainly effective. The name Romar is flying all over social media. It is arguable this is the first time Romar has actually ever been mentioned on the internets.
Many long time shooters are hearing the name for the first time. Unfortunately for Bitch, the name being proceeded by “Fuck that guy at” more often than not.

TFR will update if Bitch decides to stop being a cunt on the internet.

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  • March 8, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    “Smallcock, Arizona –”

    LOL. But I’m pretty sure LaRue is based in Texas, not Arizona.

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