Local B-Class Shooter Says XDm Better than Glock

Belle Plane, MN – Local match champion Brian Wallice continually finishes in first place at his local matches.

With almost 40 shooters competing (some of whom even have classifications) – Wallice credits one decision to put him ahead:

Buying a Springfield Armory XDm.

“I first noticed it at my local gun store,” said Wallice.

“The counter guy was really helpful and explained that it was better than a Glock because it’s already at a good level of perfection.”

Wallice noted that Glock now sells their fourth attempt at perfection, dubbed the “Gen 4” by insiders.

“I really try to pursue perfection in everything I do,” Wallice explained, as he wiped away some excess jelly donut from his shirt with a used Hardee’s napkin.

“How do I know there isn’t some secret Gen 5 about to come out and be the next iPod money pit from that foreign gun manufacturer?”

Wallice notes repeatedly that his XDm is is a Springfield Armory product, and Springfield is “as American as a wet t-shirt contest.”

“Glocks are just a commodity. There’s nothing special about them.”  Wallice insisted that the Glock design is as old as BetaMax.

Another competitor or Wallice’s claims there’s a different reason he finishes first.  Scott Devinen accuses Wallice of exaggerating his skills.  “Yea, he finishes first place in his division a lot.  Because he’s shooting in Carry Optics by himself.  He’s just playing with himself.”

At the time of publication, TFR could not independently verify Wallice’s local match finishes because the match director did not upload scores to any shooting organization’s website.

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