Local Firearms Instructor Refuses To Train …

Cowpens, SC – Local firearms instructor William Smallish has taken to social media recently blasting what he considers questionable characters attempting to train with him.

America First

After William began vetting the people signing up for his Intro to Firearms training class, he saw what he considered anti-government, anti-LEO and anarchist type postings.

Smallish told this reporter “I am 100%  Merica.  Now that we gots rid of the gol’danged muzzy in the peoples White House, I’ll be gotdamned if I am gonna help these libtards get squared away.”

My Turn

Also said Smallish, “I have been fighting on social media for the last 8 years telling people what was wrong with the government.  Now it is my turn to tell people what to think, and that includes choosing who I train.”

After gulping down some sweet tea, Smallish stood on a chair and proclaimed ‘this country was built on God, guns and guts.  An I ain’t talken bout that ISIS god.  I am talking about sweet baby Jesus.”  


Smallish polled his rather sizable FB family asking if he should provide training for people he has stalked on social media.  His patriot friends were all bout it bout it for him to tell them to “fuck right off.”

One of Smallish’s followers named “G. Wizard” commented “our founding fathers wouldn’t sit for all this rocking the boat.  Protesting and thuggery, bullshit.  Next thing you know these people will be throwing coffee off boats.”

They Gon Learn Today

G.Wizard continued, “people need to know their place in society.  They gonna learn now that one of us is in the White House.”

“People that don’t agree with me are flat out wrong.”  Most repeated this, almost chanting it.

When asked about the second amendment and freedoms,  Wizard opined “Freedom is good just so long as it don’t go too far.”


“Bible says man ought not to lay with another man and not get abortions.  Pappy told me it also says not to share the way of the sword (gun) with no damn liberals. “

At the time of this report it is not known if Smallish has decided to ban people with different opinions from his class.  TFR will follow up and let you know.

UPDATE: TFR has been banned form future Smallish classes.

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