Local Gun Shop Owner Accidentally Bans Mormons

“Freedom ain’t Free” gun store owner, Rodney Barker, has announced  a new policy that bans Mormons from his Wagon Mound, NM establishment.

A Divided Decision

The move has drawn praise from his fellow local 3%er Militia members, but criticism from other, more sane minded, individuals.  Rodney, who we caught up with while hanging a new Gadsden flag on his store front, had this to say:”I been runnin this store for 8 years since my pappy passed, and I’ll be gotdamned if I’m gonna let some bicycle ridin’ faggit come here and shoot up the place yellin somethin bout snack bars.”  Rodney went on to explain that” the Koran aint nothin but a bunch o stories bout sister fuckin n goat rapin.”  He seemingly was unaware that Mormons follow the teaching of Joseph Smith, not the Koran.

Lou Redwood, fellow 3%er and friend, who runs the Sizzle & Pop convenience store across the street, said that while “he ain’t never met one of them More-maid fellars”, he figures that ” if Rodney is against em, he would be too. Because brothers stay woke and watch each other’s six”.

Local beautician and brow master Sandy Sheets, condemned the ban, as “more hate from ignorant hillbillies who haven’t dated anyone outside their own sisters”, and proceeded to call me a racist for asking her about it in the first place.

Hillbilly Owner Bans Mormons


We attempted to reach out to Rodney for an update two weeks after hanging his sign that bans Mormons, but he was out of town for the Brickyard 500 NASCAR race.  There was an active protest in front of the store.  Three people held signs in support of the local Mormon community.  The nearest Morman Tabernacle is just under 120 miles away.

We will check back with Rodney for future updates.