Local Youth “Tyrannosaurus Legs” To Teach Tactical Shooting Class

Keep an eye out for training opportunity announcements from youthful and exuberant phenom “Tyrannosaurus Legs“.

Tyrannosaurus Legs or “TYRELL” as his friends call him has developed quite a following with his fast draw and fast talk.


Having taken several classes himself and now having an Instagram following of over 10,000 Tyrell is ready to branch out and do some teaching on his own. When asked what made him think that he would be a good trainer he had this to say: “I have taken three Yagger Tack Tickle Response courses – Basic, Intermediate, and Semi-Advanced Pistol, I have a lot of Instagram followers, and I am a volunteer fireman.”

War Belt

“This is the product that I am most proud of” he says. “Our War Belt is proven in the field of my practice range. Been using it for one to two hours a day for a week straight. It does a great job of keeping my slacks up and my gear in place and I think it looks great with my outfit!” The War Belt is available now on the Tyrannosaurus Legs website. Normal sizes are $110.00, IDPA sizes are $130 and up due to the extra material.

Heaven Sent

“I feel like God put me on this earth to help people – that’s what my daddy says anyway” he told our reporter. When asked if he thought his lack of military experience, or really any experience at all would be a problem he was quick to say “No, I have some rubber dummy targets and I put ketchup packets behind their heads – I have seen the Hippopotamus, I know what to expect when the “S” hits the fan!”

Custom Holsters

Tyrell also pointed out that he has been makingĀ  holsters for the past several years and the his good friend and co-trainer TRU-EXISTENTIALIST has been using them a lot. “TRU-EX and I have proven my equipment on the field of battle” he says. When pressed for what actual battle he was referring to he wasn’t specific, but assured me that for himself and Tru-Ex there was no other equipment to use. “My Sad Car holdster is good, much better than anything else you can find.” he was quick to point out.