Making a Ghost Gun for Pocket Carry

New York City, NY – Carrying a firearm is a basic human right.  Anyone who disagrees is a communist or a snowflake progressive.  Unfortunately, some of us live in places that deny us this basic right, instead telling us to just pee our pants to stop a mugging or use a whistle when we’re in danger.

Fantasy.  Pure fucking fantasy.

So what do the good decent folks of Nogunistan do?  We make ghost guns.  This article will give you an overview of the steps needed to make your own, completely untraceable, pocket-carry machine gun.

Step 1.  Get yourself a block of metal.

Any metal will do, but aluminum can’t be picked up by the radar detectors they use at the airport or civic buildings.  The block of metal should be approximately gun sized, because you’re going to make your gun out of it.  If you don’t understand that part, go ask your mommy for more milk.

Step 2.   Buy a good Dremel rotary tool.

This is the most important step to making your ghost gun.

Don’t buy an off-brand piece of nonsense.  For whatever reason, voodoo maybe, Dremel is the only one that works.  Buy the most expensive one you can find, and get the big parts kit with it. The more accessories you have, the better a gunsmith you’ll be.

Step 3.  Carve and Shape

Carve out a deep pocket from the bottom, and a long hole from the front.  After you have those, then dremel the metal into the shape of the gun you want.  Don’t worry about making it perfect, we’re just going for an untraceable ghost gun here.  Once it looks like a gun, switch to the cutting wheel and cut two lines, one on each side, to make the reciprocating slide part.  At this point, you technically have a firearm.

Step 4.  Buy any drop-in trigger kit

(yes, these are legal to mail to your house, WOW!).  Push that trigger kit into the pocket you carved out in Step 3.  I personally like using a drop-in trigger kit for an AR15, because they are the most deadly and have the full auto switches on the side.  Make sure you apply a little extra WD-40.  The slickness from the extra lubricant will make your ghost gun fire fully automatic without getting very hot.

Step 5.  Choose your caliber of ammunition, buy a few clips of it, and start shooting.

The first couple shots will feel weird, and that’s OK. That’s the gun getting “fire formed” and breaking-in.  It’s the same process that Brazilian firearms manufacturers use.  If the first shot or two produces a lot of smoke and almost feels like your fingers are tingling, that’s good!  Keep shooting!

Step 6.  Carry your ghost gun!

Be safe, and be the sheep dog you know you can be.  We have several other articles about SheepDogging that you might find interesting.


Editor’s Note: Nothing in this article is intended to be legal advice.  Or even advice.  



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Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.