Man With Enough Cash to Buy Decent Rifle Says “Screw It”, Buys Another Mosin

GEORGIA – Despite having enough cash to buy a nice bolt gun, self proclaimed long range shooting expert Ronald Huggins decided “fuck it, I’m gonna build another bitchin’ Mosin”.

Bitchin Mosin Stuff

When asked just exactly what his plan with the Mosin will be, Huggins explained “Mostly I’m gonna get on the forums and social media to explain that anyone paying more than a few hundred bucks for a bolt rifle is an idiot. Just get a Mosin. NutsNHandsy got like 450 hours of Mosin videos up”.

Huggins had thought about getting a Ruger PRS in 6.5 creamer or a Savage in .308.

“Most people don’t know this but, you can put a bad ass muscle break on a Mosin!” Declared Ronald. “You aint gotta shell out big bucks for a better rifle, and these babies do a quarter MOA out of the box”

TFR pressed Huggins further to learn that “quarter MOA” means “reasonably accurate within 100 yards” to Huggins. “Yah I watch NutsNHandsy on the YouTube. He makes some bitchin’ Mosins. There’s no real reason to buy something like a Ruger PRS or build up a nice Remington or Savage. It’s a waste of hard earned money”

TFR will have more on this story as it develops.