Man Finally Shares Perfect Meme, Halts All Gun Control Efforts

“I was starting to think I just couldn’t get through to these libtards!” explains John Razor, 34, Big Boner Lick, KY.

Razor had been sharing pro-gun memes for years.  Amazed the danke memes wouldn’t change the libtard’s minds.  “I’ve been fighting for years, they keep coming for our guns, and we have to fight!”

When asked about donating money to the pro-gun politicians, grass roots political campaigns, organizing movements Razor explained “ain’t got no damn time for that shit.”  “I ain’t joinin no NRA either.  They mail too much crap, always wantin’ money!”  Razor explained all great political issues are now fought and won with the memes.

Changing Tides

Razor finally found the perfect meme.  Razor shared it, and it gained nationwide attention.  The “Democraps” took notice, reconsidered their position.  Since the Razor shared the meme, all Democrat gun control efforts have been rescinded.

Political Reactions

“I’m still concerned about the shoulder thingy..the one that…goes up” said Senator Dianne Feinstein.  “But John Razor’s meme…about’s changed my mind.  I’m going to be reasonable about guns now and focus on my artisan goat cheese companies”  Feinstein continued to cross-out her gun control proposals using her new box of Crayola Crayons.

The Feed Ramp tried reaching out to Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco),  a top gun control advocate recently arrested for trafficking guns, but received no response.  His case officer advised that he is in solitary confinement until the end of the month, resulting from a failed theft of a lunch side dish.

The Feed Ramp also reached out to Joe Biden who told us “Finally, I actually like guns, I have some bitchin’ shot guns.  I just got me an 89 IROC-Z with the 350 cop motor in it.  The intake manifold is shinier than the tin man’s dick!  I gotta go – time to go bird dog on some bitches old son!”  As he left, he took a call from someone with caller ID named “Big Dick Chainy”.

Social Media Impact

It’s unclear what us gun owners are going to do on Facebook now that the gun control issues have been finally settled.  Facebook analysts expect a 15% drop in total traffic, and the NRA is already spinning up a new campaign to defend American from the “next threat to our rights.”