Match Director “Open Minded” about Pistol Caliber Carbine Division

Somewhere in area 18, USPSA – Match director and all around nice guy, Billy Scuba uses Facebook to assure local shooters that he is remaining “open minded” about the new Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) division.  Over the past several months since the provisional division was announced, many Fudds within the sport have expressed their concerns about PCC because “safety” and “rifles don’t belong in pistol matches”. In spite of the old-timers concerns about being swept by the muzzles of chamber flagged guns and their refusal to host the division at their home clubs, the division has quickly become popular at matches where the hosting club understands that it’s impossible for a chamber flagged gun to fire. Shooters in this division commonly outnumber Limited 10, Revolver, Single Stack and Welfare Optics.

Open Minded

In the face of the unchecked rise in popularity of PCC, Mr. Scuba feels obligated to remain “open minded” about having people shoot pistol caliber rifles at pistol matches.  However, he can’t help but feel conflicted about it. Upon review of the provisional rules for PCC, he was surprised to discover a number of “holes” in the safe gun handling of rifles at USPSA matches. This has been a major concern among the Fudds in spite of the fact that other shooting sports have successfully utilized similar gun handling rules for years.

Open Minded

Billy’s unique approach to “educating” people about the rules of this new division has been two pronged. Step one has been to email the Director of the National Range Officer’s Institute who is renowned for giving curt, simple replies to seemingly complex rules questions. Step two has been to post a screenshot of his question along with DNROI’s reply, along with a comment regarding his dissatisfaction with that reply, on Facebook. This tactic has successfully spawned 100+ comment long strings an interested party could scroll through and get somewhat accurate answers to a variety of questions that are directly addressed by the provisional rules.

Open Minded

Mr. Scuba is dedicated to continue his crusade while remaining “open minded” until everyone in USPSA is “educated’ about the provisional rules that could change at any minute, or leave their rifles at home and shoot a normal division like Revolver (which Billy Scuba is very fond of).

When The Feed Ramp contacted Mr. Scuba for comment he confirmed that he is trying to remain “open minded” as things get sorted out.

Russel Shackleton for The Feed Ramp

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  • March 22, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    Funny article. But the hell with being swept, chamber flag or no. Rule #1.

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