Mick Foley drops pile-driver on USPSA membership

In a bold move to grow the sport USPSA has announced that scores will no longer be recorded at matches. Citing the attendance numbers at 5K fun runs and complaints by competitors like Li Sherner matches will be doing away with the elitist concept of winners being rewarded more than the non-winners.

From now on after finishing your last stage you will be presented with a match specific ribbon. Major matches will have fancier medals or collectable trinkets. ” If everyone gets the same bottle opener and keychain for finishing the match we should be able to draw higher attendance numbers rather than giving guns or cash to the same few who have time to practice before hand” stated Mick.

The board is still discussing ways to curb the trend of mean facebook posts after matches, some of the options brought up were having to give back your ribbon or not getting one from your next match. Li Sherner is very pleased with the announcement. “Its really rewarding to know that with the least amount of effort required I get to bring home the same ribbon as those who dedicate their life to success.”


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  • May 6, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Hello savagery department..I would like to file a claim.

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