Millennials join forces to take over USPCCSA – will not rest until they destroy the sport.

Winder, Georgia – In a story related to one we told you about a few days ago a storm is brewing over the future of USPCCSA. USPCCSA president Mick Foley did the unthinkable by saying mean words to a member of the organization and threatening to suspend that member’s right to compete in the organization’s events. While many would agree that this was a little over the top it seemed as though cooler heads had prevailed. President Foley issued an apology and we at The Feed Ramp thought that the issue was resolved.


In a desperate attempt to stay relevant, the offended party asked his wife (who is an MBA by the way) to intervene on his behalf. Like any supportive spouse she jumped in and defended her defenseless effeminate husband. In a show of tireless devotion she leaped between forums, Facebook, and other forums to defend his honor. Telling anyone who would listen that he was actually a VERY funny guy and that it was all a joke and that mean President Foley overreacted.



Having deployed his wife to clean up his mess the offended party then enlisted the help of a friend (who happens to be a lawyer – go figure) to create a SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP to rally support and gather like minded millenials to DEMAND the resignation of president Foley. This is a nasty, bloodthirsty group and it seems that they will gladly destroy the USPCCSA if they don’t get the satisfaction that they think they are entitled to. Unlike previous generations that could accept an apology and move on, this latest bunch seems to be able to hold a grudge for a very long time – working tirelessly to destroy something if they think that it might be something that they disagree with. Cloistering themselves in secret groups – an echo chamber of hate in which they use language far worse than that which caused the initial conflict.



So where does this leave us? Will the millennial contingent get the pound of flesh that they are after even if it means torpedoing the organization that they belong to and undoing all of the good work that president Foley has done since taking office? Or will it be the older, more reasonable and sane group that prevails? Can we accept that some of us make mistakes and that all we can do is apologize and promise to do better? That is a question that apparently is going before the Board of Directors of USPCCSA. If you feel strongly either way we at The Feed Ramp encourage you to contact your area director, contact your friends – get people involved.  Will USPCCSA go the way that our own country seems to be headed? Will the Maxine Waters and David Hoggs of our membership hold the rest of us hostage? Check back here for updates.

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