Moms Demand Action Member Arrested for Lying on ATF Form 4473

Salt Lake City, UT – During an attempt to prove how easy it is to buy assault rifles, a Moms Demand Action leader provided false information on a Form 4473.  Helga Nevapleased attempted to purchase an AR-15 at a local sporting goods store last Wednesday.  When she filled out the ATF Form 4473, she indicated she has never been adjudicated mentally incompetent.  State records provided to the ATF conflict with her attestation.  She also indicated that she is not currently a fugitive from justice.  However, there are several outstanding warrants in her name related to assaults on police officers and disturbing the peace.

Bungled Investigative Journalism

Nevapleased set out to prove how easy it is to purchase an assault rifle.  According to her website, “literally every dumb hick in America owns an assault rifle.  They practically give new babies assault guns when they’re born!  It’s time to stop letting every unqualified person get these death machines!”  Her biography indicated a PhDs in both Liberation Studies and Activism Organization.  No previous journalistic experience is mentioned.

Last week, Nevapleased entered the store with the intention of proving that anyone can buy firearms quickly.  Store clerk John Davidson, also a member of the local Rotary Club and church choir, remembers her as being “a bit off.  She was acting really aggressive and rude.”  Nonetheless, Davidson allowed her to fill out the ATF Form 4473, then called it in to the FBI’s NICS.

Gun Counter Moms Demand Action

The Arrest

The NICS check denied the transaction, and the FBI agent requested that Davidson delay the attempted-buyer in the store.  The FBI agent said that they had agents already in the area, and they’d arrive within minutes.  It is well known within the firearms industry that the FBI and ATF take swift action when people attempt to circumvent firearms laws.

When agents arrived, they quickly subdued a screaming Nevapleased.  Despite her spitting and biting, no one was injured.  FBI agents released a statement saying that she was arrested for “fraudulently reporting information on a Form 4473, and being a fugitive from justice attempting to purchase a firearm.”  Further, the FBI stated that “there are a metric fuckton of firearms laws, and we rigorously pursue enforcement actions related to any potential violations.”

Reaction from Moms Demand Action

Co-leader Sandy Sliteron is not amused.  “The radical right-wing has arrested another freedom fighter.  Helga is innocent.  The only reason she has those warrants is because she was standing up to the injustice of people using guns to protect themselves!” She referred to a 2011 incident during which Nevapleased used a baseball bat to assault an officer who drew his firearm during a felony traffic stop.  And another event in which Nevapleased starting hitting an Open Carry Texas member during a rally.  The OCT folks remained calm and never considered Nevapleased much of a threat.

Moms Demand Action has not yet issued any formal statement about this incident.  It’s unclear if they understand the irony here.

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    Helga Nevapleased? People can’t seriously think this is a legit article…

    • Richard Holland

      You’re right about THAT!

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      Pseudonym for online anonymity.

    • James M. Ray

      It’s not legit, but it’s also not all that funny. The author needs to look harder at The Onion IMO.

      • Nom de Plume

        Thanks for the link! I just visited that site for the first time– it’s very funny!

      • Michael Bama Katt

        True dat. This reads like it came from the humor page of a junior high school newspaper. Actually making up the surname “Nevapleased” for a flaming liberal hoplophobe was a pretty solid indication this wasn’t going to be high satire. Studying the Onion for how this type of thing is done is an excellent suggestion.

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      Something about “metric fuckton” should set off alarms as well.

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    So let’s see now, I go rob a bank, then if I get caught, I tell them I was testing the security, what a genius plan. Bitch should get 10years minimum.

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      Great point!

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    BS story, which does absolutely nothing to help our cause.

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      It’s not meant to. It’s meant for members of the tribe to laugh at. Not everything in life is serious.

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    Holy halibut, Batman! This story is a red herring! LOL

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    Too bad they didn’t cap her.

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    Wait…The official wording of any FBI response is assload not fuckton, they are not allowed to use weights and measures in their reports…that is for the department of agriculture

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    The statement, “It is well known within the firearms industry that the FBI and ATF take swift action when people attempt to circumvent firearms laws.” was the sure tipoff that this story was manufactured of whole cloth. It is widely known that the DOJ couldn’t care less about prosecuting ineligible people who lie on a 4473.

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    Seriously? Anyone believing this crap should buy themselves a helmet and start riding to work on the short bus.

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    LOL, right -wing.