New Personnel Changes at IDPA and USPSA!

Sistafak, Arkansas – by Rigney Radue

IDPA Supreme Commander Joice Wilton has announced today the acquisition of long time USPSA employee and director of Range Officers Troy McDingus.

In her press release Joice Wilton had this to say.  “I am extremely pleased to announce that Mr. McDingus has come on board with us.  We have had our eyes on this prospect for a long time.  He has an absolute gift to bring confusion and uncertainty to the members of any shooting organization.  Through his conflicting rule interpretations and behavior on the range, he has singlehandedly created instability in an otherwise established and well run organization.  This approach is exactly what I and the Tiger Team stand for, and we think he has a great future in this organization.  We think that he can bring our sport to a whole new level of anger and frustration among our members.  He is a straight shooter with upper management written all over him and I am pleased he is on our team.  We believe that Troy’s unique organizational style can bring us to our goal of issuing a new rulebook each and every month.”


‘What does ‘ECNUD’ mean?’

This is an exciting time for IDPA as with the addition of a Pistol Caliber Carbine Division and their new Carry Optics division.   These new divisions create an opportunity for Troy McDingus to put his fingerprint on the equipment rules.  Joice Wilton was excited about this and went on to say, “The Tiger Team is positive that by this Spring, there will be enough changes and confusion  in the equipment rules to drive all Safety Officers working equipment check to rampant alcoholism”

We were unable to get a comment from USPSA president Mick Foley as he is currently at the local Emergency Room after suffering an unfortunate champagne cork related eye injury.

More to follow from the feed ramp.