PracticeScoring Updated to v2

San Jorge, UT – Announced during a weekly animal sacrifice ritual, Nel “Moses” Kelsin displayed his newest version of a Practical Scoring Training System called PracticeScoring.  This newest model features improved power modules, a clearer entry area, and major ergonomic improvements.  Clearly, this is the way of the future.

The PracticeScoring “App”

PracticeScoringPracticeScoring, an original creation, addresses a critical need in the practical scoring training industry.  “I believe we were the first to offer a practical dry-fire scoring program “said Kelsin, dressed in the traditional tunic of a person in desert exile.  “Our solution combines the excitement of not-actually-shooting with the responsibility of applying rules to hypothetical activities.”

The device allows the user to practice recording scoring from various practical shooting events.  There’s no actual shooting, or even pretend shooting, though– it’s literally just pretending to write down things that might have happened, maybe.  Although it seems like a panacea for all match management, some critics still hold out.

Enrique Rigger, a respected match official and contemporary of the late John M Browning, thinks that PracticeScoring runs contrary to the intentions of the sport.  “It ain’t right!  Practicing scoring helps the gamers in the RO ranks.  Range Officers should be using the same methods passed down to them from the Founding Fathers!”  He was referring to the traditional scoring method of scraping tally marks onto the side of rock faces.  “It works, and it ain’t going to fail!  Unless it rains, I guess.”

Regardless, Nel Kelsin remains undeterred by detractors like Rigger.  “We think the addition of a second battery really helps people.”  Kelsin is no stranger to developing new ideas.  He co-founded a food-based analytics company specializing in liquid analysis and also runs a part-time roller-coaster attraction at a local gym called “Get Harder then Hell”.  He can be reached at his office, which consists of a Harley parked within wifi range of a McDonalds.



Nom de Plume

Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.

One thought on “PracticeScoring Updated to v2

  • December 7, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Having been a died-in-the wool pencil and score sheet guy for 25 years and since I was the one to bring the first shovel full of dirt to the Chrongraph stage, I never warmed up to Practical Skoring. Living in the back-waters of Chronoland, we never even got batterys! Then one day at the Iron Psight Nationals, this guy Rustle Strongarm comes along and says “Hay Chrono Dude! Wanna try some software? It’s free! It’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy! Nel Kelsin says it’s good and you’ll get a free latte!
    What could I say! Satan, keep away!! Don’t sully my mind with this blasphemy!! but it’s pretty said Satan. I looked, and behold! It was pretty…and there before me was a latte! Practical Skore for the Chrono was brought forth…and it was good! We would no longer have score sheets carried off by the gentle breezes nor be delayed by the search for a sharpened pencil! It is good! and that latte….MMMMMMM!

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