Prepper Community To Hold Yard Sale

Hayden, Idaho –  In a stunning turn of events local prepper group “Prepare Reuse Ecosystem Protectors or PREP” is going to hold a yard sale to reduce the amount of supplies they have on hand.


PREP founder Dick Chamberlain talked about the unusual event with our reporter and had the following to say – “With the election of Donald John Trump as the President of the United States we feel that we can relax a little bit and cut back on the amount of supplies we keep on hand.” When asked why he thought this was the case he had this to say – “Donald Trump is not a politician, he’s got the wants and needs of the common man in mind. He’s someone we can TRUST.”

A hodge-podge of items

The offerings at the sale were quite eclectic – preppers seem to have a need for large quantities of shampoo, laundry detergent, toothpaste, and hand lotion. Items you think that you would normally see amongst preppers such as Meals Read to Eat (MRE), reloading components, canned goods, and surplus military equipment were scarce, leading this reporter to speculate that this group was more into couponing than they were prepping.

The proceeds

PREP has earmarked the proceeds of their sale to go towards their “land fund”. They use the land fun to purchase additional acreage for their compound. While this reporter was not trusted enough to enter the compound, a quick look at Google maps shows it to be a circular encampment of what look to be old FEMA trailers. This seems like an ironic choice given the political leanings of the group but local FEMA field agent Ron Horochi told this reporter that the agency made the group a good deal on the trailers, commenting – “They’re going to end up in them one way or another – might as well let them get comfortable in them!”

Future plans

The group remains active in the community, bringing surplus produce that they have grown to market on Saturday’s and using the opportunity to recruit new members. PREP would like to grow their ranks to over 100 and maybe add some female members, but it’s going to take time. They have a rigorous vetting process that all prospects are subjected to. When this author inquired about joining the group I was told that my surname sounded a little too “ethnic”. When pressed further I was told to beat it and not come back. It was then that I took my leave from PREP and left them to load up all of the unsold Head & Shoulders, Jergen’s Lotion, Tide Laundry detergent, and other items that had gone unsold.