Shipping Ammo Without Getting Caught

Shipping ammo for matches makes travelling  much more convenient.  Ammo is heavy!  And you already have to carry your various shooting blouses, slacks, advertising materials, vests, shooting glasses, and many more accessories.  But how do you ship ammo without getting caught?  We know that anti-gunners are everywhere now, and it might just be one of the parcel carriers who “accidentally” loses your shipment.  Don’t let that happen to you by taking some sensible precautions.

ammo box for shipping ammo

Shipping Box Considerations

First, You need to keep the weight-to-size ratio appropriate.  If you have a small heavy box, the gig is up, buster!  So either put all your ammo into one really big box with packing peanuts or split it into lots of medium boxes.  A box the size of a loaf of bread should weight no more than about half a bowling ball, by volume.  Don’t have half a bowling ball handy?  Fill a milk jug with water, reduce by 1/3rd, and that’s your max weight per box.

Sound Mitigation

Next, don’t let the contents rattle at all.  Anti-gunners have finely tuned ears, like feral cats, once they graduate from Snowflake School.  Don’t let your ammo rattle at all, or else it may be detected.  I recommend putting a little bit of peanut butter on each round before putting it back into your ammo boxes.  In addition to acting as a damper, it also provides a bit sized food source at the match.  Pop in a round, chew around it to get the peanut butter, and BLAMO!  First Place trophy!  I recommend creamy Skippy.

Ultra-Deep Sneakiness

The final recommendation for shipping ammo– and this is for really bullshit states like Commifornia or Taxachusits— is to ship your components and reloading press to the match.  This actually has several benefits.  First, anti-gun snowflakes have no idea what bullets look like.  Remember the Tweeter confusing ear plugs as rubber bullets?  Exactly. Oh, this dark powder in a plastic jug?  That’s organic free-trade pepper.  These little golden cups with a grey paste filling?  Those are candy or breath mints from a farmer’s market.  Whatever they are, they’re vegan, probably.

Another benefit of shipping all the components and the press to the match is that you can customize your load to the exact match conditions.  Rainy today?  Then load up some rounds for that.  Barometric pressure is really high today?  Great!  Then load those special rounds AND have the benefit of a pressure-balanced internal case pressure (look it up).  Environmental equilibrium is a real thing– just ask those old guys in the reloading groups.

Final Thoughts About Shipping Ammo

All this is listed here to help you overcome the problems of in-transit sabotage from shipping ammo to a match.  However, it’s not a comprehensive list.  You may have more ideas!  But those are probably stupid, because you’re reading about shipping ammo on the Internet.  As a good rule of thumb, if it seems cumbersome to do, then it’s probably something you should try.

Have other suggestions?  There’s a comment section below, just for that!

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