Shooter posts after match thoughts on Facebook, no one cares.

Chicago, IL (in between shootouts and gun shots) –  Mick Gearna just finished a shooting match.  Feeling great about coming in 2nd, Mick rushed to post a thank you to my sponsors and after action report to Facebook.

“I aint got no instergrams, but Facebook got a lot of buddies there!” explained Mick.  “I like to show my buddies how I did and post thoughts on how I can do better.  I think if everyone did that we would see a new level of enlightenment in the shooting sports”

However, aside from Mick’s mom and Aunt Scuzzie, nobody seemed to care.

“Well, I got a few likes and my mom seems proud……but…man…just nobody really seems to care.  I was hoping to spark the first in a serious of practice discussions that ultimately lead to the next level of shooting…but I got nothing”

TFR had time to check the post out and could immediately see a few problems:

  • No hash tags
  • Post seemed forced and unauthentic…almost as if he had to post it “or else”
  • Shootings sports don’t matter much

TFR reached out to Mick’s sponsors but they were all too busy with the massive increase in sales from Mick’s post.

Just imagine if there were hashtags 🙁