Shooters EJECTED from Team Shit Hole

Internet, Earth – Several foul-mouthed, excessively-padded “shooters” found themselves virtually homeless after being ejected from Team Shit Hole.  Team Shit Hole is an internet group that, ostensibly, doesn’t censor its content.  Recent events, however, call that claim into question.  The group also goes by the names “Shitter Project”.

The Rabble Rousers

Dick Netherstan and Shart Martinez discovered their access revoked.  When asked about his dicking around, Dick said in a surprised tone “I’m surprised.”  He sort of bobbed up and down just a little bit during the entire Skype interview.  And he was out of breath a lot.

Shart Martinez, however, expressed anger and frustration.  “I’m one of the biggest proponents of advanced tactical evolution shooting training in the dynamic internet world!”  He continued, “to ban me, ME, from an online shooting community just creates rifts.  That’s no way to stay safe, brother!”

Shit Hole Administrators

Hundreds of mediocre, and a few decent, shooters reached out to the Team Shit Hole Administrators.  Many shared stories about how Dick and Shart saved their lives by “literally, saying the funniest thing ever” online.  Yet, despite all the pressure, Team Shit Hole Admins remained silent.  Many conclude that Team Shit Hole must first complete a secret ritual to decide the virtual fate of the recently cast-out.  Speculation abounds, but experts broadly agree that a lot of self-aggrandizement and back-patting are central parts of it.

Regardless, Shart and Dick have exhausted their options.  With no word from the admins, their fate remains in limbo.

Nom de Plume

Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.

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