Las Vegas, NV – Shot Show 2018 is in full swing right now and there is a LOT of interesting news and a LOT of interesting new products coming YOUR WAY!

Anyone that has been paying attention to the “LOOK AT ALL MY LEG ROOM / I HAVE NO LEG ROOM” posts on Facebook knows that it’s SHOT SHOW time! This is the opportunity for industry insiders to rub elbows with industry nobodies to hawk their new products and work some backroom deals to get favorable coverage for their latest shitty attempt at producing something useful.

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory came to the show in a big way this year with an MP5 clone. Showing just how confident they are in this product they didn’t try to sexy it up in any way, folks who know Palmetto know that their products are well tested and well thought out! Good luck Palmetto – this should play big with the OPERATORS out there.

Franklin Armory

Franklin Armory brought a “smoothish” bore rifle-shotgun-notnfa-shortbarrel rifle thing to the show that is primarily designed for .300 Blackout (See OPERATORS picture above). This promising new thing has the capability of around 4 MOA and allows you to NOT have to pay the $200 or wait for a tax stamp for something that works and is accurate. This is going to present a tough choice for the target market because we know everyone wants everything RIGHT NOW and being patient while waiting for something better is not the AMERICAN way. The are developing tiny NERF footballs to shoot out of it to help with the lack of rifling and other modern features.

team sig

Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer is innovating as usual and brought out their pro-shooters to showcase their new products. Sig Pro Max Michel got right to work by setting a new world record plate rack run with his P320 X5 Carry Optics USPSA Platform Pistol. Max was able to clean the plate rack in 1.89 seconds! That’s a record that should stand for a very long time! Not sure yet who certified the record or if there is any proof, but good job nonetheless!

Mixed Reactions

Not everyone is happy with how things are going at SHOT SHOW unfortunately. Several old-timers have been heard grumbling about the amount of RIFF RAFF that has been allowed to attend the show and many of the newer attendees have been disappointed at the amount of clothing that the “spokes-models” are wearing. Speaking of which – if you stop by the Taran Tactitty booth tomorrow please make it before 2:00 PM as the girls have to run across town to receive their AVN awards at 3:00.

Please check in often as the FEED RAMP expects some EXCLUSIVE content from our correspondents on the ground in Las Vegas once they get back from the buffet.

Friend of a Friend

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