LAS VEGAS, NV – SHOW Show Wrap Up- Rigney Radue

There is exciting news from the floor of the SHOT show as word comes out that the GUN Bunny International Union (GBIU) has announced their plans for the 2018 season.
Yvette Bevan (Jersey Local 404), the spokesperson for the GBIU, had this to say.  “People think that Gun Bunnies are nothing but T&A distractions that sap sponsor money from more able shooters.  We are here to say that this is not true.  We offer the shooting public insights that Women in Shooting are to be taken seriously, no matter how we look or act.  We are professional shooters, and we will not be pushed aside!”
The GBIU has intense seminar programming that takes place during SHOT.  Director of Training Mary Jane Rottencrotch (California Local 305) gave us insight into their seminars and training classes.  “This year we had several training sessions to better prepare members to perform on our range.  As usual, the Rug Burn forum was full of good advice and insights.  We also hosted a casting couch do’s and don’ts , and our Muddy Girl Camo accessorizing demonstrations were an absolute hit.  We are still having issues with light attendence for our marksmanship and skills classes, but we hope to see an improvement in future years.  The high point of the seminar series was our Yoga Pants safety seminar, but there were some who felt that our “Cleavage: How much is too much” roundtable series and Headboard Safety demo made the trip to SHOT worth it.”
But it was not all happy news at SHOT Show.  Business Agent and defending D-Class Ladies Limited Champion Kitty Prichard (New York Local 107) had this to say. “Right now we are fighting for our lives.  There are serious issues with our working conditions and safety.  We are currently negotiating with our sponsors to ensure improvements that will give us access to low cost spandex as well as a mandate to cover counseling for Daddy Issues.  We will overcome!”
Representive for the sponsors Taran Tactitty had this to say.  “Every four years is contract time and these issues come up.  It is important for us to have a solid relationship with the GBIU.  I promise I will personally meet with representatives of the Gun Bunnies International Union and after some wrestling, I assure you I will nail them until these issues are resolved and all these ladies leave satisfied.”
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