Single Action Only – the Dating Site for Gun-Owners

Shooting is a solitary pastime – just you and your firearm. Whether you hunt, plink, or shoot competitively when it comes right down to it you are out there on your own. We here at The Feed Ramp would like to change that.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Single Action Only is THE dating website for gun-owners. Are you tired of lusting over that female shooter at your local match? Maybe have your eye on that female hunter that accepted your Facebook friend request but that really has no idea who you are? Maybe that cute girl that you went to high school with checked in at the local Sportsperson’s Club and you want to plink (have sex) with her. At Single Action Only WE match YOU based on several (6) criteria to find your perfect match!

Scientific Method

Our method is different than others – others match you based on personality, likes, dislikes, maybe some physical criteria, etc… At Single Action Only we match you on what is really important. We match our members on criteria like:

  • Do you prefer hunting?
  • Do you prefer plinking?
  • Do you prefer competitive shooting?

But that’s not it! We go deeper than that. Let’s say you are a hunter . We will want to know:

  • What do you like to hunt?
  • What caliber do you hunt with?
  • Do you prefer rifle or shotgun?

Oh, you’re a plinker? Great! We have matches for you based on:

  • Do you shoot .22?
  • Do you shoot rifles?
  • Pistols?
  • Paper targets or tin cans?

Then our biggest module caters to the competition shooters – these are the folks that spend eight plus hours standing around for three minutes of actual shooting – it takes someone very special to match up with these folks. Our criteria includes:

  • What type of competition do you enjoy?
    • If USPSA we match you with someone of the opposite sex.
    • If IDPA we match you with someone of the same sex. (We don’t judge, we just know what works!)
    • If GSSF we throw out your application and refund your money immediately – you will never find a match.
    • If 3-Gun we try to find you someone with a lot of disposal income, a lot of time to waste, and a strong back to carry gear.

Our algorithms are constantly changing as we try to make the best match for you. We aren’t happy unless you are (and have paid for a year in advance). Our Single Action Only matchmakers will guide you through the process to ensure the best match for YOU!

But Wait, There’s More!

For those of you who are currently married, in a relationship, or not interested in being tied down to just one other person we are also developing Double/Single Action Only. Currently a swingers match site we envision this becoming even more popular than Single Action Only – perfect for those times that you are out of town at a match or on a hunting trip and looking to hook up.

Join Today!

We are taking applications now – females may register for FREE with a one hour visit to the Single Action Only HQ for an in depth interview. Male shooters may prepay at the introductory rate of $750.00 per year with a lifetime membership option of only $10,000.00. All payment must be made in bank cheques or postal money orders.

Single Action Only – Don’t Be Lonely – Join Today!