SOE Accidentally Fulfills Customer Order, Scores A+ BBB Rating

Cock Ring, TN – Sam Sneed has informed TFR that SOE fulfilled a friend’s order for free and showed fantastic customer service skills.

“I saw some shit about SOE getting a bad Bed Bath & Beyond rating.  I wanted to share this story about SOE’s fashion clothing store.  I like to say fuck the haters.”

Sneed explained to TFR about a friend’s successful order from the tactical fashion company.

SOE Accidentally Fulfills Customer Order

“My buddy ordered a bunch of stuff from SOE about 15 months ago. After he waited six months, they refunded all this money and told him that if apologize for not having the things in stock. 15 months later a package arrived with everything that you ordered, it was a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff. They enclosed a handwritten apology letter telling him that his money was still refunded and that he was to keep this product.”

Sneed’s friend then went on to leave an A+ business rating for SOE that was promptly ignored by the BBB.

The Feed Ramp reached out to John Willis who told us to “go fuck ourselves, and not to run this stupid faggot story because this kind of shit doesn’t sell cocks as well as bad press”.

“I think SOE might be edgy to drive sales with virus marketing” Sneed explained.


TFR has learned SOE sales shooting fashion stuff, kind of like tactical JC PENNY, and has a complete line of cocks for sale.  Various size cocks.

“I like the CEO, John Willis a lot, cause he buys all the Porsches nobody else wants.  A Panamera?  Who buys those?  Willis just don’t give a FUCK.  You just have to have a no fucks given attitude to buy a Panamera”

paid for by haters

An inside source close to John Willis explains “Successful customer stories threatens our business.  We need the whiney cry baby bitches to drive sales.  A+ ratings and zero controversy?  That will lower sales 24.78% AT LEAST”

“SOE..we’re a normal company that understands content marketing, viral marketing, and the idea that if we can get people talking about our company and sharing social media – sales will go up.  The best way for us to get the viagra marketing we need is to simply stir shit up from time to time.”






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    I’ve had several of their cocks.

    • February 25, 2017 at 6:03 pm

      Tell us more please.

  • February 27, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    I bet.

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