SOE Owner Murders Customer Over Returned Belt, Buys Hublot Watch and $50,000 Pen

Camden, Tennessee – Local tailoring company “refuses to take any shit from these whiny bitch dudes” says Joan Willis, owner of Special Operations Equipment (SOE)

“These fucking dudes don’t get that my fuckin’ business isn’t selling shit to these dudes its making videos about these dudes to sell shit to these fucking dudes”

Willis has been to prison before, and isn’t afraid to go again:

“This one fucking bitch wanted to return his belt because it took 23 months to sew and he didn’t like it – well fuck you – I killed that dude before I had my nightly margarita.  Fucking hate faggots that don’t agree with me.  I kill a fucker and get a ton of traffic and sell a ton more belts to dudes that dont mind waiting a few years”

When asked if he was afraid killing customers could hurt his company Willis said “Fuck these bitches, if you cant handle how we do business, you’re a little bitch ass I gotta go.  I made so much money on my videos about killin’ customers I can finally afford that Porsche 914 I’ve been eyeballing”

(satire – to our knowledge Willis hasn’t yet killed a customer)