Time Capsule from 1911 Inventor John Browning Uncovered

Ogden, UT – Researchers from the J. M. Browning Historical Society unearthed a rare artifact from over 100 years ago.  Excavators pulled up a time capsule last week, buried by John Moses Browning in 1910 at his childhood home.  Browning is best known for inventing the 1911 handgun.

“I been diggin a hole here, here, and over there, trying to find things in the dirt” said Satia Muerthy, the lead researcher.  “I like to find old things in the dirt.” he continued. “The 1911 handgun is the finest tool ever invented, and John Moses Browning invented it.  He is my hero.  So, I hope to learn more about his appreciation of the 1911.”

The Find

Uncovered at approximately, oh, 3:15am Mountain Time, the cylindrical capsule is made of bronze.  Researchers used hand tools only, ostensibly to preserve the artifacts, but mostly because of their adherence to antiquated technology.  The hand-hammered garden spade struck the brass capsule, which was then removed from the ground.  On the side was etched “1911” in large script.  After using a can opener, the contents were removed.


The 1911 Letter

Most of the time capsule contained spare parts, along with notes about how to make them better.  One letter contained some personal memoirs of the late Browning.  “I fear that Our Army’s insistence on the larger, slower 45ACP cartridge will proof to history as one resounding error.  As if we were like men throwing a ball in a game of sport, a lobbed egg could but not faire far worse than a more nimble cartridge of .38 caliber.  Sent towards ourth enemy as more rapid pace, seems to me the utmore sensible choice.  Alas, it is likely my legacy tied toeth that porpous round 45ACP, chagrin to attract all manner of bumbling fools to it here afterwards.”  The letter contained several more pages, mostly lamenting the limited magazine capacity, which he once referred to as “the most retarded feature of the design.”

Researchers’ Next Steps

While continuing to dig deeper, Muerthy gasped “there’s got to be another letter!  He can’t have meant that!  There’s got to be another capsule, buried deeper than that, which recants!” His tears helped soften the earth as he dug deeper.

Members of the Facebook Group “1911 Fanatics” were already preparing funding for another expedition to Belgium.  Belgium is where Browning eventually died.  Currently. they are hoping to find counter-evidence to reinstate the supremacy for the M1911.

Nom de Plume

Started shooting guns with my daddy. Shoot a lot of guns now. Hope to teach my grandson how to shoot one day.

  • Don Coffman

    And a pic of a “bb gun” ????

    • Mett Chanlee

      What wrong with it?

      • Don Coffman

        Nothing wrong with a BB gun, but an article about a 1911 & Mr Browning should at least reflect a real 45ACP instead of a BB pistol.

        • Rballz

          1911 aint bb gums

          • Don Coffman

            Rballz, I realize I own (2) 1911. Look close at the picture and the engraving on the side of the gun. It says .177 cal ….. that my friend is a bb gun.

          • Rballz

            I just don’t understand.

          • Don Coffman

            Scroll to the top of this post. See the 1911? Look at the lettering on the side. Right under the name Colt it says .177 cal.

          • James Steffee

            I noticed the bb gun immediately,also,in fact I have a very similar gun,I use it as a practice gun for in my back yard,when I want to shoot but can`t make it to the range,it is similar to my Colt 45 ACP,a bit lighter and no recoil,but,same functions.With mine,the caliber stamp is on the bottom and more or less unseen. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ec383080ed69db42ed9b8590ca59d48c90a4112d8163a4bc8dab5aafcf98abb.jpg

          • Art Wiechmann

            Are some of these guys just kidding around? Because if they’re that retarded and own guns….Oh mother of God!!

          • DFK

            177 caliber is almost 4 times the size of 45. Simple math really

          • Don Coffman

            Look before you leap grasshopper!! The math is simple, you lost a decimal ! Try this 0.451″ / 0.177″ = 2.55. Simple math really ……..

          • DFK

            I got my calculator out, 177 is still more than 45

          • Don Coffman

            Lord …. you are correct 177 is larger than 45, BUT we are talking .177 and .451, now leave it be, if you are still confused go play with your legos. I’ll respond to this thread no more.

          • DFK

            Yes i know the difference between a .177 bb and a .451 projectile. I reload, i understand difference in calibers and different sized projectiles in each caliber

  • Robert “Bob” Dobalina

    John Moises Brown was the most brilliant weapon design of all time.

  • pappymatt

    This is hilarious! BobDobalinaMrBobDobalina.